The Crow & the Eagle

Today, I’m sharing a fable written by me. The story was first published in ‘MY Paper’ (a newspaper for kids). 


Once there lived a crow on a tree top and an eagle who lived on a mountain nearby. Every day the crow watched the eagle’s flight with wonder. The eagle soared high in the sky and would fly over the tree, and wave smilingly at the crow.

One fine day, the crow laid eggs. After a while, the crow went looking for food. Close by, there was a snake camouflaged in the grass. Watching the crow leave, the snake reached the treetop. He drooled, “Yummy… five fat eggs! This is the best treat I would ever have”. Just when he was about to sink his poisonous teeth on an egg, he heard a loud voice, “Don’t you dare eat the eggs”. The eagle pulled the snake and swung it out of the tree. The eagle stayed till the crow returned to the nest.

After a few days, the eagle laid eggs. On a blue moon night, the eagle’s eggs started hatching. The eagle was away and the snake decided to take the revenge. Seething in anger, the snake slithered up the mountain. The eagle’s chicks screamed for help. Hearing the cries, the crow flew towards the mountain.

The snake hissed at the crow. The crow knew that one bite and she would be a dead meat, but she was determined to save the young chicks. Just then the crow spotted some pebbles nearby. She picked them and started hitting the snake till blood oozed out of his head. The snake slithered away in pain.

When the eagle learned about crow’s valor, the eagle was grateful. The eagle thanked the crow. They became good friends. Their children also became friends with one another.

Moral of the story- ‘Helping at the hour of need, win you friends for life.’

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